The question “What is #Happiness?” can be answered in one too many ways and still each individual answer would be uniquely correct. Strictly defined, happiness is a ‪#‎positive‬ mental and emotional state, a subjective state of well-being that can range from contentment to intense joy.

Luckily, in recent years’ science has focused a lot on Happiness and what it takes to be happy. We got together in this chat session to discuss Happiness and understand what science has to say about it. The reason happiness is important is not just because it feels good to be happy, but also because science shows that happiness is good for health.

Here are some tips to # stay happy that were discussed in the session:

1.Choose to be happy: Make a conscious choice to be happy
and actively choose happiness.
2.Gratitude: Taking out time every day to be grateful is an
excellent way to stay happy.
3.Helping Others: Be it family or strangers. What we give need
not be money or something materialistic—it can be a simple
compliment, our time, our love, our skills or even our
4.Acceptance: Accepting Life circumstances and also learning
to forgive is important for happiness.
5.Mindfulness: Being open and active in the present moment.
6.Move closer to your ‘ideal self’: making short term goals that
are realistic can be useful in moving towards your ideal self.

The value of experiential knowledge was integrated with scientific knowledge. Everyone was invited to share their own understanding and ideas in an atmosphere of warmth and mutual regard.Overall, the session led to an enriching experience with the lingering thought of choosing our own happiness.

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