neurology sleep centre

The ‘Neurology and Sleep centre’ centre’ was established in May 2008 at L-23, Hauz Khas enclave, New Delhi. This centre provides facilities for all electrophysiological investigations and consultation for neurology and sleep related disorders. Consultations are provided for both neurological disorders (e.g. epilepsy, stroke, headache, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, pain or weakness in arms and/or legs etc) and sleep disorders (e.g. snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome etc).

The tests available include EEG, Nerve conduction studies or NCS (done for neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, evaluating pain, numbness etc in arms and legs), Electromyography or EMG (done to evaluate muscle disease, muscle weakness, back/neck pain, radiculopathy etc), Repetitive nerve stimulation test or RNST (done for myasthenia) and Evoked potentials – visual, auditory and somatosensory (done for impaired vision, hearing, multiple sclerosis etc).

We provide facilities for Sleep Studies(at patients house and clinic based).

The aim of the centre is to provide quality testing and diagnostic services through healthcare expertise and state-of-the-art machinery (KEYPOINT-ALPINE BIOMED, GRASS TELEFACTOR, Alice 5, Alice PDX and Embla ) that have been imported from USA. This ensures that best in technology is supported by even better qualified doctors.

In addition to above relaxation, meditation is taught by well trained YOGA teachers.

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