Recognizing symptoms of Stroke. Understanding causes and reducing risk factors of Stroke. December 19th 2020 || Stroke, Types, Treatment

By Dr.Manvir Bhatia & Saunri What is a stroke? A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain is impaired.  The lack of blood supply deprives the brain of oxygen and nutrients and leads to the deaths of neurons, resulting in a loss of function, of the region of the brain, controlled by these…

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Know The Symptoms Of Stroke Disease For The Efficient Management Of Stroke August 30th, 2020 || Stroke management, risk factors

Management of Stroke Stroke disease is the 2nd highest leading cause of death and disabilities worldwide causing almost 5.5 million deaths each year. The most important step in the management of stroke disease is to act as fast as possible, remember the phrase, “Time is brain”. As soon as you notice signs of stroke disease…

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