#‎CPAP‬-Good for job performance, creativity and leadership

Use of #Cpap can help Obstructive sleep apnoea patients to

“sleep well” and “lead well”.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is an interruption in breathing

during sleep. There is narrowing of the breathing passage leading

to partial or complete closure leading to increased risk of heart

disease, obesity, headaches, sexual dysfunction, urge of going to

washroom at night and neurocognitive disturbances in reasoning,

judgement, memorising, attention, learning.

Untreated OSA is associated with increased healthcare utilization,

occupational injuries, motor vehicle accidents and neurocognitive

disorders e.g.in attention, memory, reasoning and problem

solving as well as planning.

The gold standard treatment for OSA is continuous positive airway

pressure (CPAP).

CPAP treatment of OSA is known to improve overall health,

decrease risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart related

diseases but recent effect on the brain shows that it can make you

a much better LEADER .Person becomes more innovative,

collaborative, and enthusiastic than ever before.


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