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We have come to the last part of our blog on Golden self-help tips for overcoming poor sleep. In this final part we would like to emphasize on 2 final measures : Paradoxical intention and Biofeedback therapy. These measures have also shown limited success in #insomniacs and is worthy of being mentioned here. Like other measures, a psychologist guiding you on these provide far better result than self prescription. Never-the-less, this information is useful to at least tune you to what your doctor might prescribe you for poor #sleep.


  • #Paradoxical intention: It is a specific cognitive therapy in which the patient is trained to overcome the fear of staying awake and its likely effects. He/she is asked to try and feel relaxed and not to try to go to sleep actively in bed. The fear of remaining short of sleep should be removed . The objective is to decrease  a patient’s anxiety about poor performance in sleep. It works especially in people who are insomniacs due to anxiety .
  • #Biofeedback therapy : Other less commonly used therapy includes #biofeedback therapy where the trainer trains the patient to control some symptoms by self-monitoring of certain bodily things that can be seen or heard or felt by the patient himself. These symptoms should act as cautions to stop doing what they are when found to be present and engage in other activities as instructed. The objective is to reduce excitement and wakefulness. A common method to overcome emotionally charged thoughts that keep one awake at night is to replace it with neural emotions or activity like uttering  the word ‘the’ silently in the mind for as long as one is comfortable.

To sum up, #insomnia is a problem that requires constant and patient efforts from both sleep specialist, psychologist  and  foremost – the patient himself to overcome. With a co-ordinated effort, satisfactory results are obtainable in over 80%  of the patients.

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Paradoxical intention and Biofeedback therapy for poor sleep problems
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Neurology Sleep Centre Clinic

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