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#PoorSleep--causes&how to manage it
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#PoorSleep--causes&how to manage it
In this article which got published in SmartLife Magazine, its been analysed by Dr.Manvir Bhatia that approximately 1/3rd of the population has trouble sleeping at some point in their lives and around 10% will suffer from insomnia. And also there can be numerous causes of Insomnia that are: Poor Sleep Hygiene, Excessive social or work commitments, that result in bad timing for sleep, which in turn causes persistence poor sleep. Unhealthy Sleep Habits and lifestyle can also be the cause of Insomnia. There are many practices like Cognitive behavioral techniques as well as sleep hygine tips can help in overcome of this problem. The approach to better sleeping often lies within the individual, if you suffer from insomnia with no other symptom, then you can practice good sleep hygiene to begin with. This means you fix a time for bed as well as waking up: turn off the gadgets prior to sleep , exercise during the day and avoid caffeine in the evenings. Work on making a relaxing bedtime routine. But if none of these work and symptoms persist, then you should definitely seek help.

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