#SleepIssues are Common in #Pregnancy explained by #DrManvirBhatia.

#SleepIssues are Common in #Pregnancy explained by #DrManvirBhatia.

Though Sleep Issues are faced by everyone of us. But it gets worsen for expecting mothers as in general they have to go through physical, mental, emotional changes all through nine months duration and if in this duration they don't get that sound sleep their health will gets affected and much above that health of a baby is at high risk. So to help you understand these issues Dr.Manvir Bhatia a Senior Neurologist and Sleep Specialist will be discussing about some common sleep issues during pregnancy so that you can understand these issues and take necessary action to be in good health and keep your baby also healthy. Wish all the mother's. #HappyMothersDay. For any queries please do write to us at info.neurologysleepcentre.com or visit our website www.neurologysleepcentre.com

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