Have #Sleep issues become common nowadays? By #DrManvirBhatia

Sleep issues are something which is now facing by everyone of us and the issues are like we don't get enough sleep, we have snoring problem, we all doesn't feel fresh next morning, we feel sleepy during our work, constantly yawning during the day etc. The major cause for all these issues is our lifestyle. We don't follow the funda which we all learned in our school days " early to bed and ealry to rise" Because we have created a lifestyle where we have to run around the clock to meet our targets, we have to constantly be in touch with our work through emails; whatsapp , calls etc. Nowadays students are also cutting down their 8 hrs of sleep to either 4hrs or 5hrs because of stress and school pressure. We all needs to change our lifestyle a little bit by not compromising on our priorities and work. We just need to be more cautious that we all should get our 7 to 8hours of sleep. If one is able to sleep well last night he will feel fresh and looks healthy and happy the next day. For more information pleases visit our website- For any query regarding sleep issues please feel free to write us at-

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