Comments from students:

•The period of fellowship in sleep medicine under Dr.Manvir Bhatia was an enriching experience .Apart from learning about the spectrum of sleep disorders ,in which she is a well recognized expert,I have re-learnt the lessons of compassion ,empathy and patience. Feel deeply obliged to her.
-Dr.Abdul Muniem ,Associate Consultant Neurology,Medanta Gurgaon, India

•This fellowship was full of case based learning which helped me in gaining knowledge and enhancing my clinical experience in field of sleep medicine.
–Dr.Shalesh,Assistant Professor Physiology,Netaji subash Chandra bose medical college,Jabalpur.


  1. Kindly give details on the fellowship in sleep medicine and observership in sleep medicine. Course details and fee please . Thank you

  2. Hi,
    I am Dr. Hesham from Egypt I am interested in OSA and need to improve my skills in advanced surgical management of snoring and OSA through a course or a fellowship,Please if it is possible i will be so regretful.
    Dr. Hesham Ibrahim

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