Sleep and mood: Two important wheels of happy life and How they are interrelated ?



 Sleep is an essential requirement of our body and not an enemy or a luxury, it is

as important as FOOD WE EAT, AIR WE BREATHE ,WATER WE DRINK. Yet very

few understand why we sleep or even think about it ? 

 To create awareness on quality and quantity of sleep and its impact on #Emotions

 and Mood among our youth, who are the future of our country ,#Neurology Sleep

Centre & #Sleepwell partnered  with Department of human development  at

Institute of home economics ,Delhi on 10 february,2016 .

Dr.Manvir  discussed the importance of sleep, role of sleep deprivation on mood,

emotions and  emotional regulation  through her experiential and scientific

knowledge with case studies  and videos.

Mr.Manoj Vice President Senior head(Sleepwell ) discussed importance of health

and sleep in leading happy life.

Active participation by the students formed an important component  . They were

given a topic on #Sleep and emotions so that they can put their thoughts on

papers for Essay / Art / Poetry competition.

This  was very exciting and the students produced highly creative effort , which

was a challenge for the judges to announce the winners.

The feedback received was highly encouraging  to continue these efforts in future.

Sharing few feedbacks , creative of the winners of the competition and the

pictures of the event:

#Feedback by One student- There was no favourite “part”.  Whole session was excellent-knowledge about sleep cycles, moods, emotions-everything was up to mark. Interactive session with Dr.Manvir Bhatia turned out to be very helpful. Looking forward to more of them.

#Feedback by other student-I am unable to judge or to say which part is my favorite because I like whole session. I found it to be informative and also enjoyed it very much. And I also make sure that I sleep well

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