1.Before starting

  • Introduce yourself-Greet and talk with every patient very politely.
  • Inform the patient about the test that it is painless ,no current is felt with no side effect .After the test you can continue with your regular routine for work.
  • Collect history of patient– Ask in detail about the event( seizure, etc.)

1.Which type of seizure.

2.From how long this problem is in existence

3.Duration of seizure

4.First episode of seizure

5.Last episode of seizure

6.Medication(if taking any medicine, please mention name)

7.Previous investigation(Any test done, please ask for reports)

8.Previous history(Birth history/Family History)

2.Procedure-How to conduct EEG?

  • The technician will ask the patient to lie down on bed, relax and make sure if they are comfortable.
  • Electrodes will be placed on the head(The technician will measure specific points on your head to place the electrodes.)
  • You may be directed by the technician to do certain things while test is in progress such as lie still, close your eyes, breathe deeply or look at stimuli like a flashing light or a picture.
  • The EEG usually takes 40-45 minutes(10 minutes preparation and 30 minutes recording)

3.After the test-

As test is complete the technician removes all the electrodes and there are no residual effects.


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