When are Headache Dangerous?

Headaches are very common but the types and their symptoms can vary widely, ranging from occasional, tension-induced pressure to chronic, debilitating migraine pain. Even though headaches can cause mild to severe discomfort and sometimes interfere with daily activities, most occurrences are not a cause for alarm. You should consult a Neurologist if you experience any…

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Sleep & Wellness Camp organised by Dr.Manvir Bhatia on 24th Nov 2019 at New Friends Club

#DrManvirBhatia and her #NSC Team organised a “Sleep & Wellness Camp” on 24th November 2019 at the New Friends Club, New Delhi. Our main focus was to spread awareness about #Sleep, #Common Sleep Issues, #Importance of Sleep. There were Sixty people attended the camp and All participants filled a questionnaire for screening of sleep issues,…

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Celebrated National Obesity Care Week on 22nd October 2018 by Dr.Manvir & Dr. Sonakshi

  On 22nd October 2018, We celebrated #NationalObesityCareWeek at Neurology & Sleep Centre. The Speakers were Dr. Manvir Bhatia she is a Senior Neurologist and Sleep Specialist and Director of Sleep Medicine at Fortis Escort Heart Institute New Delhi and Neurology & Sleep Centre, New Delhi and Dr. Sonakshi she is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist,…

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