#‎Home‬ Sleep Test(HST)-What,Why,Who and How?

Home sleep test is a portable sleep test , in the patient’s OWN

HOME and BED. This records patient’s parameters like airflow,

breathing , oxygen levels and body position.

‪#‎HST‬ is preferred as:

• It is performed with far less wires.
• It is cheaper than lab study.
• Privacy of own room and bed to sleep on is present.
• A high accuracy in diagnosing people for Obstructive Sleep


HST is appropriate for adults with suspected diagnosis of OSA,

obesity with loud snoring and sleepiness during the day.

Is not advised for those with Sleep walking, Sleep talking,

Abnormal behavior in sleep, Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic

Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Periodic Limb Movements of

sleep, children and patient who needs more intensive testing.

How is it performed?

• Patient comes to the sleep centre, they are shown how to

apply the sensors and practice it in front of one sleep


• Device is preprogrammed to turn on and off.

• Whole hook up will take 10 minutes before bedtime.

• Patient brings back their device after collection of data and

sleep technologist uploads and scores it.

• Sleep specialist interprets data with history and recommend


Check are you a right candidate for HST.


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