If you give value to your partner’s sleep and your own its is advisable not to hit snooze when the alarm goes off, just get up. While you or your partner think snoozing means an extra 10 minutes of sleep, you’re actually setting yourself up for a day of being #groggy.
When you fall back asleep after your alarm clock goes off, you’re entering a new #sleep cycle that’s going to be interrupted. It can make you less alert, dull your memory, and make you feel groggy. Ideally, you and your partner should get up at the same time to reduce unnecessary (and damaging) sleep disruption.

So on this Valentines Day make sure that you take care of your own sleep as well as your partner.

Do not ignore any sleep issues and if you feel that you are not getting enough sleep then consult a Sleep Specialist.

#NeurologySleepCentre Wishes you all #HappyValentinesDay.

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