#Neurology  sleep centre-our  aim  is to prove that good #sleep is equal to good health . We will discuss common sleep problems in a series of blogs and how to deal with them.

The first one being INSOMNIA  . Main thing to highlight that #Insomnia is a disorder not a symptom, something like fever. We  all know that fever can be caused by malaria, dengue, typhoid, tuberculosis, etc, and for the correct treatment its crucial to determine the cause, similarly for Insomnia MUST FIND THE CAUSE and treat accordingly.

Insomnia  results in impairment of quality of life(feeling tired,  having a headache, body ache, decreased interest in work or home& poor concentration during the day and also affects health like leads to high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and heart disease.

Q.1. What is #Insomnia? What are the main symptoms?

A: Insomnia is the commonest sleep disorder, this affects 10% of the population and  1/3rd have experienced difficulty in sleep at sometime in their life. It is sleep disorder in which person faces difficulty in falling asleep, staying asleep (has frequent awakenings) or wakes up very early in the morning. This is usually associated with feeling tired,  having a headache, body ache, decreased interest in work or home,& poor concentration during the day.

Q.2 What are causes of #insomnia?

A : There are some common and some uncommon causes :

Common causes:

  1. Stress (Job loss, death of loved one, divorce, work, bill payments, debt etc)
  2. Illness(Physical-Joint Pains, backache, stomach pain etc)
  3. Environmental factors like Changes in temp –(Too cold, Too hot), noise, light can affect sleep.
  4. Jet leg or shift work
  5. Some medicines can interfere with sleep.(especially for asthma, steroids,)

Uncommon causes:

  1. Disturbed sleep wake cycle-i.e. tendency to feel sleepy very late at night.
  2. Depression or anxiety-can cause disturbances in sleep.
  3. Sleep disorder-Obstructive sleep Apnea(There is history of snoring),Restless Leg Syndrome (uncomfortable sensations in legs and irresistible urge to move legs to relieve sensations),Narcolepsy (increased daytime sleepiness with fragmented or poor quality sleep).

images is_insomnia_nosleep

We have discussed the symptom & causes in current blog- will share the treatment for insomnia in our forthcoming blog.

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