"I suffered from severe migraines for the last 10 years and nothing was helping. My migraines used to last for 4-5 days with Nausea. I went to many headache clinics and neurologists but no one was able to help with that. I researched across the internet and came across Dr. Manvir Bhatia. I was impressed by her accolades and wanted to get a consultation from her. She heard my history very carefully. She also addressed all the concerns that I had. Post that she put me on beta-blockers for 30 days as preventive medicine and prescribed oral triptan for SOS. I completed my course as per the schedule and there was a tremendous improvement in my migraines. Instead of having 4-5 deliberating migraines every month my attacks reduced to 2 and I was able to manage them easily with the SOS. This all happened because of Dr. Bhatia's course of treatment and I am utterly grateful to her."

Date-9th March 2021

By Ms. SS

"I was suffering from migraine for the last 8-9 years. My personal and professional life both were affected due to frequent headaches and nausea caused by migraine. As I am working in shifts so my schedule was also hampered due to this. I took a consultation from Dr. Bhatia and started feeling better with the first consultation. I am also working on her suggestions to avoid triggers causing migraines. Now after few more consultations, I am feeling much recovered."

Date 27th Jan 2021

Mr. AA

"I am very grateful to the doctor for relieving me from RLS Problem."

Dated 9th January 2020

Ms. SK

"The technician did a good job they made me relaxed while during the test."

Dated: - 20/9/2019


"It Was an Excellent and Almost Consultation with Doctor cum Guardian Senior."

Dated: - 18/9/2019


"Liked the way medical test is done. Good Staff and experienced Doctor."

Dated 11th Sep 2019


Sleep Study

"Good experience. I felt energetic and relaxed after the test. The technician was very helpful and nice. He told everything in detail about the test. "

Date-11th March 2021

Br Ms DL

"The experience of getting the sleep study was very good. The ambiance and avenue make it easy for the procedure to be done.

Date-8th March 2021


"It's a wonderful sleep centre. Dr. Manvir Bhatia is very experienced and efficient, providing effective solutions for sleep disorders. I'm using BiPAP for almost the last three years and now feeling very energetic and improved. I wish my sincere gratitude to Dr. Manvir Bhatia and all the members of this centre.

Date 22nd Feb 2021

Mr RK Singh

"I am very thankful to Dr.Bhatia as was suffering from Sleep Apnea nd not getting sleep more than 2 hours/day. But after one month I am getting 7 hrs of sleep/day. Very thankful to doctor and the team."

Dated 4th January 2020


"I was suffering from severe sleep apnoea and daytime sleepiness, Thank to Dr.Bhatia and Team My sleep has improved immensely. I don't feel sleepy in the day and feel more energetic."

Dated 3rd January 2020

Mr. AM

"Meeting with Dr.Manvir Bhatia was excellent. Staff is very good, Sleep analysis staff was so good, helpful and very cooperative."

Dated- 19th November 2019

Mr. RP

"Had a soudfull sleep. Appreciate the good service."

Dated-5th December 2019

Ms. G

Good Behavior

"We are satisfied with the work. Also, the staff here is very Cooperative."

12th March 2021


"Very nice service, team was very helpful and doctor is very humble"

Date 8th March 2021


"Very pleasant and warm staff. The test eas conducted very efficiently."

16th March 2020


"Good and courteous service by NSC Staff."

16th March 2020

MP Kothari

"Very good experience. The support staff was very appreciable."

3rd March 2020


"Good Experience with sleep study and results. The doctor's interpretation are very good."

29th Jan 2020


Good Ambience

"Good environment and best technicians"

Date-13th March 2021

Mr. MD

"My experience at the neurology and sleep center was great. Amazing and helpful staff explained to me the whole process set by set."

Date 1st March 2021


"The Ambience is very calm and peaceful. Reall excellent place"

Dated 3rd January 2020

Ms. M.S

"Very friendly staff, very clean ambience"

Dated- 19th November 2019

Mr. M.S-

"Very good environment in Clinic .Cool and lovely manners , thanks a lot."

Dated: - 2/10/2019


"Very cooperative and interactive Doctor-Centre is excellent with Peaceful and clean environment."

Dated 11th Sep 2019