About Course

The field of sleep medicine has evolved rapidly and significantly grown over the past few decades.

In the present landscape there is an increasing demand for trained physicians, technologists, and other personnel for precise diagnosis, effective treatment and efficient management of sleep related problems and sleep disorders. This may be largely attributed to the exponential increase in number of patients experiencing sleep related issues having a disruptive influence and impact on their day to day life.

In order to cater to this increasing demand, there are precious few options other than training and knowledge upgradation of all concerned related to this field from physicians, technologists to patients.

Successful diagnosis and treatment is an outcome of the development of knowledge base of all vested stakeholders, who play an integral and pivotal role , in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep related problems and sleep disorders.

Keeping this in view, a first of its kind sleep medicine oriented online platform has been recently launched by Dr. Manvir Bhatia for physicians, technicians technologists , patients and to all those who wish to enhance their knowledge of sleep related problems and sleep disorders.