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We, at the Neurology and Sleep Centre, are always eager to help patients with their neurology or sleep related problems. Over the years, we’ve seen many cases ranging from everyday normal to rare conditions. In each case, we’ve strived to provide comfort and relief to the patient as quickly and effectively as possible. And patients have always reciprocated with a deep and humbling gratitude as appreciation for our efforts. We’d like to share with you a few of the interesting stories over the years.

Sleep Study was found very useful, thanks to Dr.Bhatia.
Date--2nd January 2019
–Ms SK:

- Environment and the staff was very cooperative.
Date--3rd January 2019

- Dr. Manvir Bhatia is very competent. Staff is extremely polite and helpful.
Date--3rd January 2019
–Mr. ST

- Everyone is very nice and hospitable. It's efficient and good.Maybe internet.
Date--5th January 2019
–Mr. PS

- Satisfied & Very professional.
Date--5th January 2019
– Mr. MA

- Very nice and co-operative,professional.
–5th January 2019

- Friendly and helpful.
Date--15th January 2019
–Mr. Mohit

- Now I feel more energetic and light. I do not sleep in daytime because I get good night sleep.Thanks to my Dr. Bhatia.
Date--18th January 2019
–Mr. RK

- Very cordial staff. Helpful and informative too, helped a lot and relieved.
Date--18th January 2019
–Ms. HK

- Amazing Doctor and very pleasant staff. Great Experience.
Date--18th January 2019
–Ms. NM

- Thanks, good hospitality and very cooperative.
Date--18th January 2019
–Dr. HS

- The doctors & staff are attentive with nice.
–Mrs. P.Gupta

- All services are good and excellent.
–Mr. K

- Good services and polite staff. They took a lot of care during the procedure.
Date-- 12/11/2018
–Mr. M. joneja

- Very efficient and sweet staff. Took care during procedure.
Date-- 20/11/2018
–Mr. A. Sanghi

-Excellent doctor advice and suggestion they change patient life a lot of improvement after visiting Dr. Bhatia. We are here to visit from Bangladesh. Thanks.
Date-- 21/11/2018
–Mr. M. Hannav

- Excellent, felt a lot of improvement, very efficient and cooperative staff.
–Mr. R.K. Singh

- Excellent centre. The doctor is very nice & their supporting staffs are well behaved and very co-operative. Good centre.
Date-- 25/11/2018
–C.S. Patel

- The treatment at the sleep centre was beneficial for me. I got my sleep back on track.
–Mr. A. Singh

- It was a good experience. Had a good sleep.
–Mr. M. Baruah

- Satisfied with full operation of technician, his behaviour is good.
Date-- 06/12/2018
–Mrs. S. Yadav

-Satisfied with the testing of technician his behaviour is good. Suresh.
–Mr. M. Sheref

- Fully satisfied, quite and well technician knowledge wise as well as behaviour wise. Thanks.
–Dr. V. Sachan

- Room will nice and clean. Technician is very good.
Date-- 22/12/2018
–Mrs. R. Praswanda

- Ambience vey neat & clean and staff is very excellent.
–Mr. S. Khanna

- The place is very comfortable, and the behaviour and hospitality of the staff is very good. Over all experience is very good.

–Mr. SK Chaurasia

- Excellent Staff and Well experienced Doctor.

–Ms P G

- Excellent advise and suggestions by Dr.Bhatia helped in a lot of improvement in the patient life.


- I have felt a Lot of improvement with the treatment by Dr.Bhatia. Very cooperative staff and effective treatment.


- The doctor is very nice and the supporting staff are very well behaved. Good Centre with homely environment.


- I am taking consultation with Dr.Manvir Bhatia since June 2018 and I am seeing visible changes in my self.

–Ms Bafna

- Feeling much better after using CPAP.

–Mr. Bhawsinghka

- Homely Place-Very relaxing, Good Staff and Great Doctor.

–Ms Khosla

- Feels better with medicines. Improvement in Symptoms. Dr is very friendly-Good Experience.

–Ms Sasidharam

- Came for NCV test and was happy with the service and test was performed nicely overall happy with the doctor.

–Ms Kaur

- Very Sweet, Friendly and professional Staff, Very well maintained, cleaning, Refreshing and Soothing Environment. Very pleasing personality of the Doctor.

–Ms Kalki

- Doctor as well Staff member are well in nature. I am very satisfied with treatment as well as behavior of the Doctor.

–Mr. Gayasuddin

- We are very Happy with the doctor and all the staff effort towards our mom. They are very Caring, Calm and Responsible. Thank You wholeheartedly.

–Ms Gupta

- I am really thankful to Dr.Manvir Bhatia for solving my problem. I was an Insomniac and now I am sleeping very well.

–Mr Kush

- We have visited Dr.Manvir Bhatia clinic for the first time. We observed very humble and nice atmosphere and caring treatment for our child. We are very thankful and pay gratitude to them.

–Mr. Sharma

Thank you for your mail inquiring about my condition. I would like you to know that I have got adjusted to the BiPAP. I have read all the instruction manuals for each of its parts. Presently, I'm using the BiPAP every night. It has changed my sleep pattern dramatically. I sleep more soundly, with a much lesser degree of struggle to breathe. Consequently, I wake up feeling quite refreshed. I don't feel tired on waking as I used to before using the instrument. Also, I don't have bouts of sleepiness during the day as I used to have previously. My energy levels too have improved drastically. It is only now I realize what I had been missing it out in terms of an undisturbed and refreshing sleep.

–Mr. G.D

"I wanted to thank Dr.Bhatia for the treatment and suggesting CPAP for my sleep issues. I have noted a remarkable change after using CPAP device for one month. The dark circles around my eyes have reduced to 90%. They used to embarrassed me a lot. Second problem was severe dryness of my feet which was completely gone as noticed by my pedicurist. Another major effect was on my mood, I used to feel irritated at small issues but now I feel more Happy and Relaxed. On the whole I am a New Person."

–Ms Mala

Very nice behavior of the staff and felt very good after the treatment by Dr.Bhatia.

–Mr. Prakash

It was a good experience in Neurology and Sleep Centre.


It was a good experience in Neurology and Sleep Centre.


Dr.Sonakshi gave me excellent solutions to my problems and the way of thinking.

–Ms Sinha

I did a staff couselling with Dr.Sonakshi. It was good discussion with her along with the staff.

–Ms Poonam

Sleep test was carried out very well. Behavior and the counselling of Dr.Bhatia and the Staff was very cordial.


I was admitted to Neurology and Sleep Centre on 23rd July 2018, Hauz Khas New Delhi for sleep study. Before that I interacted with Dr.Manvir Bhatia, she explained every aspect of the procedure as why sleep study is necessary etc. Then the day of the test, the technician before starting the study make sure that I was comfortable, I must say Dr.Bhatia has well trained technician behavior was also very polite and courteous. Overall I had a very nice experience.

–Mr. Rajender

Dr.Bhatia is very nice and experienced Doctor. Her staff is also very well trained and generous. –Mr.Chandra Prakash

Counselling Section with Dr.Sonakshi has helped me a lot. It was a good experience, something that was very useful. –Mr.Aryaman

Very Good experience, very humble and cooperative staff and very doctor. –Dr.Karan

A very good place for the sleep study. very humble behavior of staff. Neat and clean place. –Himani Garg

Dr Manvir Bhatia is a very good doctor with lot of love for the subject. She sees every patient with utmost care and gives a great deal of time. Most of the cases she sees are referred by another neurologist. She is one of the best sleep medicine doctor in India. The sleep study facilities are very comfortable and very trained staff is present. They call you up for how well patient is recovering. And she is very active on email so one can send email regarding his or her health update. Being a patient myself I can tell how well it has been with her. –Dr.Sukant

Very satisfied with the test. Scheduling was efficient and the technician Arun was very good and explained everything at all stages. Test was carried out at him. Given the probes, this was the most comfortable scenario. –Mr Ravi

Overall a decent experience NCV/EMG was done very nicely and professionally.

–Ms Sharma

Very nice experience, environment is very friendly and peaceful, technician also explained the procedure very precisely. I slept quiet well.

–Mr Hopkins

Satisfied with the overall procedure.

–Mr Arun Jain

10/10 to the centre and Dr.Bhatia and her team. Cordial staff and satisfied with the whole procedure.

–Mr Jitender

Sleep Test procedure went well, technician explained everything in detail. In the morning also checked if i am feeling comfortable or not. Amount spent on the sleep test was worth it.

–Mr. Shrivastava

Happy with the overall procedure.

–Ms Aggarwal

Didn't feel any discomfort test went very peacefully, i could sleep well.

–Mr Kalrla

Treatment by Dr.Bhatia really helped me to sleep well.

–Mrs Kohli

I was suffering from a chronic Headache issue for the past 25 years. I was told by my relative to consult Dr.Bhatia as she is a senior neurologist. So when i consulted her for the first time the treatment helped me a lot and it started giving better result. I am taking treatment with Dr.Bhatia for the past five months and I have to say that 70% of my headache problem has been resolved. I am very thankful to Dr.Bhatia as she is the only doctor who understood the root of my problem.

–Mrs Kaur

Sleep test went very peacefully, technician was very professionally trained and i didn't feel any discomfort with the sensors I was satisfied with the sleep test.

–Mrs Aggarwal

First time experience. First few minutes was difficult but later got adapted and slept peacefully.

–Mr. G Bhandaru

Very nice experience and fully satisfied with the effort as its been done to diagnose the problem.

–Mr. Sudhir

Satisfied Service and Efficient Staff and Expert Doctor.

–Mr. Goel

Very Good environment, I felt very comfortable while undergoing sleep study test.

–Ms M.

My First Visit at NSC and it was a good experience.

–Ms A S.

Dr.Bhatia way of counselling is very good.She understand the issues with every detail and provide the best suggestions and medications.

–Dr. S

Cooperative and Friendly staff.

–Ms. SB

Excellent Service and systematic check-ups. Very professional staff as they did the test of NCV very well.

–Ms LR

Felt there is improvement in my child and I am very happy that I got him treated by Dr.Bhatia.

–Mr. Tanwani

Dr Sonakshi is an extremely patient listener. Her method of counselling really helped my insomnia.


I have finally been able to wean myself off medications for sleep that I was hooked on to for years. All thanks to Sonakshi.

–Ms. AS

Sonakshi is a very patient listener. She helped me gain a new perspective of issues in my life and I really benefitted from her sessions.

–Ms. PS

Dr Sonakshi is a non judgemental and skillful therapist who knows how to handle her client's issues well. I was undergoing a lot of stress when I started seeing her. She has brought a lot of positive changes to my well being and quality of life.

–Ms. PG

I was happy with the assistance of the Staff and the treatment by doctor.


The technician was excellent and makes ensured I was comfortable through the night.

–Ms. Medhani

We founf Dr.Manvir Bhatia very comfortable and kind in nature and also her staff was very cooperative.

–Mr. Aziz

Dr.Manvir is extremely professional and definitely know what she is doing great.

–Ms. Mitra

Excellent Service and systematic check ups and professional staff.

–Ms. Lovina

Excellent Service by professional staff and well behavior by the receptionist. Impressive consultation by Dr.Bhatia.


Thank You Doctor for the professional advice and support. Everyone is very helpful and supportive.


Nicely taken care by doctor and staff, Very Pleasant staff.


Quality of Service is truly appreciated.

–Ms Chopra

Service is really wonderful and Dr.Bhatia is very kind and approachable.


Extremely patient and empathetic approach by the doctor.

–Ms Mitra

Very attentive staff who explained the procedure in detail. Both the technician did everything to make the situation comfortable - Extremely professional.


Supporting staff. Quiet relaxed after conversation with the doctor. Thank you.

–Ms. T.S

Service is really wonderful. Dr. Bhatia is very kind and approachable.

– Dr. R.K-

Excellent experience. Technicians are very wonderful in conducting there task. Thanks.

– Mr. P.D-

My family has been coming for a decade. Dr. Bhatia is like family. Thanks.

– Mr. J.M-

Very satisfied with the doctor, her patience level and interest in patient in exemplary. Thanks.

– Mr. S.A-

Very nice staff! Thank you for an easy experience with tests.

– Ms. U.C -

Very nice and caring staff. They explain the procedure very nicely.

– Mr. R.G-

Exceptionally good Sleep Centre for diagnosis and treatment.

– Mr. R.P-

I had major sleep apnea to the extreme extent. I’m much relieved in a very short span of time. Thanks to “Dr. Manvir Bhatia and her very well trained team”.

– Mr. A.A-

After a long time got a sound sleep. Technicians were excellent throughout the night study. Carefully explained everything and eased my nerves while connecting everything. It was a meticulous work.

– Mr. K.S-

Completely satisfied with the service. Excellent technician. Ensured I was comfortable.

– Ms. M.M-

Candid, excellent service , friendly natured, caring & well refined and beautiful peoples.

– Mr. D.K

We really appreciate that Dr.Manvir always gives a holistic approach about patient.

– Ms N Sharma-

Best doctor I know and good staff.

– Mr Chopra-

The team conducted the test very courteously and explained about the procedure fairly good. Overall satisfactory experience at NSC.

– Mr.Sarin-

It was my first visit for NCV and EMG at NSC but i must say i had a good experience and very much impressed by the ambiance.

– Mrs Arora-

Clinic is nice and hygiene. Staff is co-operative and accomodating.

– Ms Dua-

very professional and caring staff.

– Ms Gopalan-

Extremely satisfied with the process.

– Mr Chibber-

Very supporting, Excellent advice and evaluation by the doctor.

– Ms Nagpal-

Friendly staff and responsible doctor.

– Mr.Tokas

Excellent staff and service, very well conducted test overall satisfied by the doctor.

– Mr.Seth

Very much impressed by the service and knowledge of the doctor.

– Mr Sharma

Very satisfied with the doctor, the patience level and interest in patient is exemplary.

– Mrs Ahuja

I am very happy with the treatment and with the doctor at Neurology and Sleep Centre.

– Ms. Sawhney

Good Staff, Easy to get appointment at Neurology and Sleep Centre.

– Mrs. Kapoor

Good Service and Pleasant Staff

– Mrs. Kohli

Experience was very good. Excellent Service, Very Good Staff behavior

– Mrs. Rao

My Second Home is what I will say to Neurology and Sleep Centre. Courteous, helpful and efficient.

– Mr. Hoffland

My son got EEG here, very comfortable environment and very competent doctor and technician

– Mr.Tyagi

Excellent care and Good Services

– Dr. Vats

Good Staff and Excellent Service

– Ms. Fatima

I came so with disturbed sleep and went with a relax mind.

– Mr. Chowdhary

I enjoy a lot with the services and the staff is very good. I came with depressed feeling come with a depressed feeling but the way doctor treated me she was very polite and courteous and understood my issues so well that when I left the clinic those depressive thoughts was not with me any more.

– Mrs. Sood

Excellent Services-5 Star to the centre

– Mr.VK Singh

I had my sleep study on 26th October 2017, and really felt that it i had the best sleep ever as the centre is very homely and staff was also very helpful.

– Mr.Sooting

Sleep Study was very well conducted. Also the day before my sleep study Dr.Manvir and her staff cleared all my doubts about sleep study process.

– Mr.Jamir

I was very happy with the services.

– Mr.Bajpai

4+ Star to Neurology and Sleep Centre.

– Mr.Agarwal

Services offered to me was very helpful and excellent work done by Dr.Bhatia.

– Mr.Punil

I was satisfied and happy after my sleep study. Dr.Manvir Bhatia is the best doctor.

– Mr.C.P

Staff of the centre is very pleasing also environment is very clean and feels like home, this centre is very different like other centre.

– Ms Wadhwa

Very satisfied with the treatment and would like to give 5 star to Neurology and Sleep Centre.

– Ms Bala

Had really sound sleep after a long time

– Mr.Chaudhary

Technician handles everything very professionally over all it was good experience

– Mr.Nanda

Slept very well and pleased by happy and caring nature of the technician.

– Mr.Padam Sherman

Decent facility staff was very kind gentle and helpful

– Mr. Ramchandran

Hygienic, comfortable, done well without any trouble to child

– Mr. Jinadal

Hygienic, comfortable, done well without any trouble to child

– Mr. Jinadal

Test and consultancy was up to the mark

– Mr. Mittal

Good and comfortable with the process of sleep study

– Mrs Aditya

Happy and satisfied

– Mr. Nawatia

Excellent work by the technician, slept well during the study. Thank you Dr.Manvir Bhatia for recommending sleep study

– Mrs Bhattacharya

 Narcolepsy with severe excessive daytime sleepiness improved after treatment

I used to feel tired the whole day ,infact dozed off while driving .The severe sleepiness interfered with my work since 1 and half year .

When I met Dr.Manvir Bhatia got a sleep study done with daytime test for sleep and started on with treatment .Now I am able to concentrate at my work and feel more alert.It was a satisfactory experience .Thanks to Dr.Manvir Bhatia

– Deshpal Singh 27 years,Bareilly

 Loud snoring with accident while driving

I had very very loud snoring which increased sleepiness during day, while driving and at work. He used to feel that he would have achieved much more in life if it would have been diagnosed earlier.

After getting reference of Dr .Manvir Bhatia from internet I visited her and had sleep study after that she prescribed a CPAP which I used on trial basis and there is a visible difference in my daytime symptoms and day is bright and alert.Thanks to her for valuable advice and time.

– Mr.Amarjeet Singh 35 years,delhi

 Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Atul Mishra; a science and technology professor, suffered from severe sleep apnoea since last 3-4 years. I had loud snoring, irritability adding to impact on my memory,

alertness and work performance (especially at time of delivering lectures - I felt sleepy). After coming to Dr.Bhatia the sleep apnoea was diagnosed with help of sleep study, I was advised to use CPAP , Which I started. This has helped me a lot, maintaining quality of life in all issues within 1 and half month like improvement in hypertension, diabetes, alertness, my ability to teach. I feel fresh after 6-7 hours of sleep which was lacking before. Thanks to her as this treatment worked as a BLESSING for me.

 Narcolepsy and Cataplexy

I, Yasmine 18 year old girl suffered from severe sleepiness during the day since 2 years which affected my school performance as I was unable to stay awake in class with lack of concentration in my studies with dropouts in school.

I was not able to participate in social activities, also had mood changes. But after coming to Dr. Bhatia it was diagnosed as narcolepsy with cataplexy with the help of sleep study at night followed by MSLT test . There was a great change after treatment I could stay awake thewhole day, able to play with my siblings and school friends and attended school regularly. Thanks and heartiest wishes to Dr. Bhatia from my side and my family.

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