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Yes, the neurologist doctor is a right person to meet, because epilepsy is a neurological due to increased excitability in some parts of the brain.
Yes, I would like to suggest you to meet a sleep doctor , because the specialist will give a complete assessment and offer best solution.
You need to be evaluated for OSA or obstructive sleep apnea by a sleep specialist.
You have insomnia which should be evaluated by sleep specialist.
All headaches need not be due to brain tumors, in fact most headaches are not, but many types of headaches have specific treatment. Moreover they can get worse if treated inappropriately.
Many causes of pain are due to some specific and often easily treatable causes. They need clinical and at times electrophysiological evaluation. See a neurologist .
Yes. You may not need medications any more, or you may need a change in medications.
Some deterioration in memory is part of normal aging process. But this can be early dementia . Moreover, many types of dementias are totally reversible. You should see a specialist
No. tremors need evaluation. It can be due to many diseases which are easily treatable.