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  • We believe in excellence in patient care-provide the highest degree of quality in technical and clinical expertise.

  • We Provide Diagnosis to Treatment for All Neurological & Sleep related Problem Disorders.

  • We maintain strong communication with the patients and referring clinicians.

  • Regularly organize support group meetings for our patients. So that they can share their stories and help each other.

  • Offer training for doctors to enhance their knowledge in sleep medicine.

  • Participate in national and international conferences/updates.


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Neurology and Sleep Centre offers the following services :
Consultations, Neurodiagnostic Test,Sleep Clinic, Sleep Studies, Devices, Sleep Apnoea Support

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neurology sleep centre team

Dr. Manvir Bhatia is a Senior Neurologist , Electro physiologist and Sleep Specialist . She is a Director and Senior Consultant Neurology and Sleep Medicine, fortis escort heart Institute and Neurology & Sleep Centre, New Delhi.
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informative seminar on sleep

We r very thankful to Dr Manvir Bhatia for such an informative seminar on sleep. God may bless her for such a nice work she is doing for the society . We also thanks to whole of the team for taking such hard work to organise the event
With warm regards
Ashok & Mani Grover

intelligent technician positive results

Excellent process, supported by an intelligent technician, to take through the test, in a seamless fashion. This test would yield, positive results in my life.
Diwaker Bapuli

leg jerking

The staff members are very cooperative . They understands the problem through with we are going through. One should consult if he/she faces the same problem of leg jerking during sleep nefore getting the situation worst . She takes the matter very seriously and just help us in giving the best possible advice
Anchal Tehlan

satisfied with the treatment

I have been getting treatment since from 2004 and till having treatment under Dr. Manvir . And am very satisfied with the treatment and I have been well cared in regards to my illness
Badang Tayang

cpap treatment of sleep apnoea improved sleep


Diabetes and hypertension improvement after using CPAP

I had very loud snoring with lack of sleep at night and felt very sleepy during the day from past 10 years with hypertension and diabetes. After the usage of device as recommended by Dr.Manvir Bhatia I am 80% better and feel comfortable. After using this my medication for high blood pressure have been decreased. Diabetes control has showed marked improvement .Thanks and wishing her all the very best for future ahead.

Narcolepsy with severe excessive daytime sleepiness improved after treatment

I used to feel tired the whole day ,infact dozed off while driving .The severe sleepiness interfered with my work since 1 and half year . When I met Dr.Manvir Bhatia got a sleep study done with daytime test for sleep and started on with treatment .Now I am able to concentrate at my work and feel more alert.It was a satisfactory experience .Thanks to Dr.Manvir Bhatia

Loud snoring with accident while driving

I had very very loud snoring which increased sleepiness during day, while driving and at work. He used to feel that he would have achieved much more in life if it would have been diagnosed earlier. After getting reference of Dr .Manvir Bhatia from internet I visited her and had sleep study after that she prescribed a CPAP which I used on trial basis and there is a visible difference in my daytime symptoms and day is bright and alert.Thanks to her for valuable advice and time.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Atul Mishra; a science and technology professor, suffered from severe sleep apnoea since last 3-4 years. I had loud snoring , irritability adding to impact on my memory, alertness and work performance (especially at time of delivering lectures - I felt sleepy). After coming to Dr.Bhatia the sleep apnoea was diagnosed with help of sleep study, I was advised to use CPAP , Which I started. This has helped me a lot, maintaining quality of life in all issues within 1 and half month like improvement in hypertension, diabetes , alertness, my ability to teach. I feel fresh after 6-7 hours of sleep which was lacking before. Thanks to her as this treatment worked as a BLESSING for me.

Narcolepsy and Cataplexy

I, Yasmine 18 year old girl suffered from severe sleepiness during the day since 2 years which affected my school performance as I was unable to stay awake in class with lack of concentration in my studies with dropouts in school.I was not able to participate in social activities, also had mood changes. But after coming to Dr. Bhatia it was diagnosed as narcolepsy with cataplexy with the help of sleep study at night followed by MSLT test . There was a great change after treatment I could stay awake thewhole day, able to play with my siblings and school friends and attended school regularly. Thanks and heartiest wishes to Dr. Bhatia from my side and my family.

Sleep Apnoea

Devesh’s father wanted to share my son’s problem in sleeping. He used to stop breathing and had bed wetting during sleep. He was having hyperactive nature also. After approaching to Dr.Bhatia, Sleep apnoea was diagnosed with help of sleep study , he was advised to use CPAP which he used for 1 month it showed changes in his breathing problem, sleeping problem , in his hyperactive nature and also bed wetting has reduced. Thanks and warm regards to Dr. Bhatia.


Sudhir Singla resident of Panchkula suffered from increased daytime sleepiness which affected me in driving and office work. I was diagnosed with a problem of narcolepsy by Dr. Bhatia with help of sleep study and within 1 year of treatment, improvement was seen in my alertness, concentration and freshness. Thanks to her.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

I, Hasmukh Patel, CA in Madhya Pradesh suffered from severe sleep apnoea . Had loud snoring which used to create problem for my family and travelling companions too. I was having problem of taking naps in between which had put me lot of times in danger while driving but after visiting to Dr. Bhatia it was diagnosed through sleep study that I was having sleep apnoea now there is 80 percent improvement which helped me in keeping awake. Warms regards to Dr. Bhatia who helped in my recovery from this problem.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

I, Mr. B.P Singh used to feel tired all the day that made hard for me to read the newspaper completely. I am feeling much better since I am using CPAP machine as recommended by Dr. Bhatia after sleep study which she recommended. Overall it was a very satisfactory experience. Thanks to Dr. Bhatia.


I, Ravi Prabha suffered from severe Insomnia , ghabrahat and depression. Had a feeling of loneliness which scared me a lot. I used to cry very much, was least interested in watching TV and was not able to concentrate on anything as mind was puzzled always, having food was also a problem which kept me restless all the day. After having lots of medications like sleeping pills was not benefitted at all and it got worse. When I met Dr.Bhatia and got treatment from her I started feeling improvement in my sleep cycle, now I don’t cry, do activities with interest, my mind has become relaxed now and appetite has also increased. Thanks to Dr. Manvir.


I, Arti student of class 11th had been diagnosed with epilepsy, this made me very sad and made me feel that I will not be able to achieve a normal life. Hence, meeting with Dr. Bhatia and her team helped me accept this disease, with increase in confidence, am feeling happy. Thanks for her efforts which she had put in me for recovering.

Restless leg syndrome

I, Bhushan Lal Munshi resident of Kashmir suffered from pain and restlessness in legs after lying on bed within 5 to 10 seconds, for 8-10 years. I came to Dr. Bhatia and was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome. I took treatment advised by her, and I felt great relief my legs which became calm and sleep also improved a lot. Very very thanks to her.


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  • Relation of #Sleep with #Blood Pressure by Dr. Manvir Bhatia.
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  • Join us for World Sleep Day Celebration on 16th March 2019 at Hyatt Regency New Delhi from 10am-5pm.
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