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We, at the Neurology and Sleep Centre, are always eager to help patients with their neurology or sleep related problems. Over the years, we’ve seen many cases ranging from everyday normal to rare conditions. In each case, we’ve strived to provide comfort and relief to the patient as quickly and effectively as possible. And patients have always reciprocated with a deep and humbling gratitude as appreciation for our efforts. We’d like to share with you a few of the interesting stories over the years.

- Room will nice and clean. Technician is very good.
Date-- 22/12/2018
–Mrs. R. Praswanda

- Ambience vey neat & clean and staff is very excellent.
–Mr. S. Khanna

- The place is very comfortable, and the behaviour and hospitality of the staff is very good. Over all experience is very good.

–Mr. SK Chaurasia

- Excellent Staff and Well experienced Doctor.
–Ms P G

- Excellent advise and suggestions by Dr.Bhatia helped in a lot of improvement in the patient life.

- I have felt a Lot of improvement with the treatment by Dr.Bhatia. Very cooperative staff and effective treatment.

- The doctor is very nice and the supporting staff are very well behaved. Good Centre with homely environment.

- I am taking consultation with Dr.Manvir Bhatia since June 2018 and I am seeing visible changes in my self.
–Ms Bafna

- Feeling much better after using CPAP.
–Mr. Bhawsinghka

- Homely Place-Very relaxing, Good Staff and Great Doctor.
–Ms Khosla

- Feels better with medicines. Improvement in Symptoms. Dr is very friendly-Good Experience.
–Ms Sasidharam

- Came for NCV test and was happy with the service and test was performed nicely overall happy with the doctor.
–Ms Kaur

- Very Sweet, Friendly and professional Staff, Very well maintained, cleaning, Refreshing and Soothing Environment. Very pleasing personality of the Doctor.
–Ms Kalki

- Doctor as well Staff member are well in nature. I am very satisfied with treatment as well as behavior of the Doctor.
–Mr. Gayasuddin

- We are very Happy with the doctor and all the staff effort towards our mom. They are very Caring, Calm and Responsible. Thank You wholeheartedly.
–Ms Gupta

- I am really thankful to Dr.Manvir Bhatia for solving my problem. I was an Insomniac and now I am sleeping very well.
–Mr Kush

- We have visited Dr.Manvir Bhatia clinic for the first time. We observed very humble and nice atmosphere and caring treatment for our child. We are very thankful and pay gratitude to them.

–Mr. Sharma

Thank you for your mail inquiring about my condition. I would like you to know that I have got adjusted to the BiPAP. I have read all the instruction manuals for each of its parts. Presently, I'm using the BiPAP every night. It has changed my sleep pattern dramatically. I sleep more soundly, with a much lesser degree of struggle to breathe. Consequently, I wake up feeling quite refreshed. I don't feel tired on waking as I used to before using the instrument. Also, I don't have bouts of sleepiness during the day as I used to have previously. My energy levels too have improved drastically. It is only now I realize what I had been missing it out in terms of an undisturbed and refreshing sleep.
–Mr. G.D

"I wanted to thank Dr.Bhatia for the treatment and suggesting CPAP for my sleep issues. I have noted a remarkable change after using CPAP device for one month. The dark circles around my eyes have reduced to 90%. They used to embarrassed me a lot. Second problem was severe dryness of my feet which was completely gone as noticed by my pedicurist. Another major effect was on my mood, I used to feel irritated at small issues but now I feel more Happy and Relaxed. On the whole I am a New Person."
–Ms Mala

Very nice behavior of the staff and felt very good after the treatment by Dr.Bhatia.
–Mr. Prakash

It was a good experience in Neurology and Sleep Centre.

It was a good experience in Neurology and Sleep Centre.

Dr.Sonakshi gave me excellent solutions to my problems and the way of thinking.
–Ms Sinha

I did a staff couselling with Dr.Sonakshi. It was good discussion with her along with the staff.
–Ms Poonam

Sleep test was carried out very well. Behavior and the counselling of Dr.Bhatia and the Staff was very cordial.

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