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We, at the Neurology and Sleep Centre, are always eager to help patients with their neurology or sleep related problems. Over the years, we’ve seen many cases ranging from everyday normal to rare conditions. In each case, we’ve strived to provide comfort and relief to the patient as quickly and effectively as possible. And patients have always reciprocated with a deep and humbling gratitude as appreciation for our efforts. We’d like to share with you a few of the interesting stories over the years.

"Very professional. Sleep test was perfect. Technician was super nice & helpful-Highly recommended."
-Dated 10th May 2019

"Very happy with the treatment provided by Dr.Manvir Bhatia and now getting a good & healthy sleep."
-Dated 29th April 2019

"Totally satisfied and everyone is very polite. They give full time and listen to you which is more satisfying and comfortable."
-Dated 29th April 2019

"Excellent Service received from Mohsin-Physiothereapist -My painful neck sprain which had persisted over 2 weeks was healed in a matter of days thanks to accelerate healing program brought to the table by Mohsin. A combination of anti-inflammatory topical gel application, tens stretching and relaxation exercises for the shoulder and neck muscle resulted in quick return to normalcy and being right as rain"
-Dated 12th April 2019

"Satisfied with the technicians behavior and installation"
-Dated 10th April 2019
–Mr. Chetan

"Nice Atmosphere and supportive staff"
-Dated 10th April 2019
–Mr. Navin

"Extremely good experience and well informed"
-Dated 7th April 2019
–Mr. AM

"Very Good experience fully staisfied skilled and educated staff"
-Dated 6th April 2019
– Mr. AA

"Satisfied and Happy Service"
-Dated 4th April 2019

"Technicians are very patient the doctor is super kind"
-Dated 2nd April 2019
–Ms Shivani

"Excellent Service and Very Caring Staff"
-Dated- 1st April 2019
–Mr. NA

"Very Good Staff and Professional Doctor"
-Dated 29th March 2019
–Ms Akhter:

"Totally satisfied and everyone is very polite. They give full time and listen to you which is more satisfying."
-Dated 29th April 2019

"We had sleep test at home which went great and appreciate the assistance from Dr.Manvir and her staff as they ensured my comfort during the test."
-Dated 25th April 2019

"Very hospitable staff that made me feel comfortable."
-Dated-22nd April 2019

"Very Pleasant meeting with Dr.Manvir Bhatia"
-Dated 15th April 2019

- "Happy with the test, feeling better and test done in a professionalyy manner with well behavior of the technician".
Dated 26th Mar 2019
–Mr. AS

- "Good and cordial staff nice experience with the doctor"
Dated 26th Mar 2019
–Mr. RB

- "Felt great, found Doctor devotion and making things understand in a remarkable manner"
Dated 15th Mar 2019
–Mr. CJ

- "Felt great meeting with Dr.Manvir. Hopefully I will feel better soon"
Dated 14th Ma4 2019
–Mr. RA

- "Good & Supportive Satff members and higly professional doctor"
Dated 1st Mar 2019
–Mr. PA

- "Good Excellent Service and Great Experience with the Doctor"
Dated 27th Feb 2019
–Mr. SS

- " I have consulted for the first time and the Doctor is too good and facility also."
Dated 6th Feb 2019
– Mr. GG

- "I have done sleep test on 27th Dec 2018 and my report showed serious sleep disorder after report discussion with Dr.Manvir Bhatia he gave me a proper advise and now I am sleeping well at night and get up in the morning. I am lucky that I have chosen the right doctor and her proper advise made me better"
Dated 2nd Feb 2019
–Mr. VR

- Absolutely Ideal & Professional Doctor and Friendly Place Great Job Indeed
Dated 25th Jan 2019
–Mr. S Chettri

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