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Consultations are provided in common neurological disorders and sleep related disorders

Neurological Disorders

For neurological disorders such as :


Sleep Clinic For Sleep Disorders

For sleep disorders such as :

etc .
* Sleep Eating or Abnormal Behavior in Adults and Children

When to treat snoring ?
1.If snoring is loud, continuous and persistent .
2.Snoring troubles bed partner/spouse/friend/children.
3.Snoring accompanied by tiredness, fatigueness, sleeping during day, etc.
4.Snoring with difficulty in breathing at night.

If answer is yes to any of the above questions, this should be treated. Untreated snoring can lead to hypertension, diabetes, heart attacks, etc.

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At this centre, apart from consultation, various options are available for patients who require sleep studies or CPAP titration (what is CPAP titration?). We provide screening devices, facilities of carrying out sleep study / CPAP titration at patient’s home or at our centre. In addition, we maintain regular contact with patients to solve any problems and ensure compliance.

Centre for sleep disorders in children
We evaluate all types of sleep related problems in children. We perform sleep studies for children in a friendly, loving environment. Interpretation of sleep studies by trained professional in pediatric sleep medicine. Contact us to know more. .