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Dr. Richa Mehta

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Ms. Richa is a licensed clinical psychologist by the Rehabilitation Council Of India. She is trained and qualified working with individuals across all age groups (Children & Adults) with problems like (Insomnia, Depression. Anxiety,Interpersonal Conflicts, Marital Problem, Sexual dysfunction, Substance dependence etc). She is also qualified to provide shorter counselling services for less severe difficulties and short term stress management. She work from a Cognitive Behavioural and Psychodynamic approach and may use multiple interventions to effectively treat the problem experiencing by patient. 

Ms Richa has done her M.A in Clinical Psychology from Ambedkar University, New Delhi(2016) and M.PHIL from AMITY University, Noida,Rehabilitation Council of India.(2019). She is also a NET Qulaified.

She has been associated with AIIMS Hospital, New Delhi & NIMHANS as a Clinical Psychology Trainee. Ms Richa believes that each individual has inherent strengths and abilities to cope with problem which with appropriate guidance and facilitation can go a long way in building resilience and fostering personal growth.